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30日間返品可能     お客様の100% の満足を保証     1年間品質保証
HISHINE 歯科LED可視光線照射器

HISHINE was founded in 1990, the headquarter is located in Paraná, Brazil with more than 150 employees. HISHINE is a world reference Dental Equipment Company who specialized in research, development, production and distribution of medical facilities. The company has obtained ISO 13485:2003 System Certification and ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System Certifications. HISHINE is the first self-developed company for autoclave in South America, and the leader of autoclave distribution in Brazil. It has sold more than 100 thousand units of autoclave for more than 35 countries in the international market. HISHINE has won CNI-the national innovation award, which is the most important one of the whole enterprise of Brazil in 2005, granted by the Brazilian Industry National Confederation.

  • HISHINE®Luce-II-LED歯科用コードレス 光照射器
  • HISHINE®Luce-II-LED歯科用コードレス 光照射器

    ○より高い電力出力、光強度1800mW/ CM2。360°充電。新しい発熱ディストリビューションシステム、ファンは必要ない。コードレス、治療中は自由に動きできる。ヘッド部分回転可能、簡単に360°回転することができる。大容量バッテリー、750サイクル、フル充電後10S/サイクル。

  • 価格(税込): 29000 円
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